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Introduction to Robotics (E C E 439) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
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    The goal of the course is to familiarize the students with the concepts and techniques in robot manipulator control, enough to evaluate, chose, and incorporate robots in engineering systems.
Introduction to Robotics
E C E 439 ( 3 Credits )
A system engineering approach to robotic science and technology. Fundamentals of manipulators, sensors, actuators, end effectors and product design for automation. Kinematics, control, and programming of manipulators, along with introduction to pattern recognition and computer vision.
ME 340 or ECE 332 or equiv & familiarity with a high level programming language such as Pascal, C, or Matlab
College: College of Engineering
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Nicola Ferrier
Text book, title, author, and year

"Robot Modeling and Control", Spong, Hutchinson & Vidyasagar, Wiley, 2005

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Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Robot System Concepts
  2. Robotic Fundamentals:
  3. Kinematics
  4. Forces, Moments and Euler's Laws
  5. Control Techniques
  6. Path Control
  7. Robot Capabilities
  8. Arm Tooling and End Effectors
  9. Assembly
  10. Compliance
  11. Robot Sensors
  12. contact sensors
  13. proximity sensors
  14. machine vision systems
  15. Robot and System Integration
  16. programming and teach mode for manipulators
  17. interfaces
  18. Applications and Advanced Topics
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