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Power Electronics Laboratory (E C E 512) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Use computer simulation software to test and verify design of power converters and their controllers.
  • 2
    Conduct experiments in hardware to test and verify design of power converter and their controllers.
  • 3
    Use microcontrollers to realize closed loop regulators for power converters
  • 4
    Use general purpose power electronics hardware and software to realize a power control application and demonstrate its operation
  • 5
    Document test results and develop engineering communications using reports
  • 6
    Make a technical presentation describing operation of a power control application
  • 7
    Conduct power engineering laboratory experiments following appropriate safety protocols
Power Electronics Laboratory
E C E 512 ( 3 Credits )
This laboratory introduces the student to measurement and simulation of important operating characteristics of power electronic circuits and power semiconductor devices. Emphasis is on devices, circuits, gating methods and power quality.
ECE 412 or consent required
College: College of Engineering
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Brief List of Topics to be Covered

Passive half bridge rectifier, linear regulator, Semiconductor switch operation and characterization,  PWM generation and state machine control, Boost converter open loop operation and testing, A to D conversion, current and voltage sensor tuning Closed loop digital control simulation and testing, Sinusoidal PWM and half bridge inverter.

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