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Advanced Microwave Measurements for Communications (E C E 545) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
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    Students in this course gain the ability to perform measurements on RF and microwave devices and characterize the devices.
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    Weekly laboratories cover power measurements, time-domain reflectometry, impedance matching, use of spectrum and network analyzers, circuit fabrication skills, device (i.e., transistor and diode) characterization and use of waveguide.
Advanced Microwave Measurements for Communications
E C E 545 ( 3 Credits )
Measurements at VHF and microwave frequencies; characteristics of microwave generators, amplifiers, passive devices and detection systems; measurement of frequency, noise and simple antenna patterns; time domain reflectometry, swept frequency network and spectrum analyzer techniques; lecture and lab.
ECE 301, ECE 444 or cons inst
College: College of Engineering
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Microwave and RF Design of Wireless Systems, David M. Pozar, ISBN: 047132282-2 (2001) plus additional notes

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Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Signal sources
  2.     The precision rotating vane attenuator and square law characteristics of a crystal detector
  3.     Standing wave ratio measurements and impedance matching at microwave frequencies
  4.     Attenuation measurement and the characteristics of several microwave waveguide junctions
  5.     Time domain reflectometer
  6.     Network analyzer
  7.     Amplifier gain and noise figure measurements
  8.     Measurements on superheterodyne receiver
  9.     Transistor scattering parameters using network analyzer to characterize active devices
  10.     Resonant cavity equivalent circuits using network analyzer to characterize resonators
  11. Computer aided design
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