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State Space Systems Analysis (E C E 334) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Mastery of state (differential) equations (linear constant coefficieint)
  • 2
    Expertise in Matlab, Simulink and symbolic computation
  • 3
    Improvement of matrix algebra skills
  • 4
    Laplace Transform methods
  • 5
    Various stability analysis and robustness methods
State Space Systems Analysis
E C E 334 ( 3 Credits )
Analysis of systems using matrix methods to write and solve state-variable differential equations. Additional topics include stability, controllability, observability, state feedback, observers, and dynamic output feedback.
Math 320 or 340 or con reg
College: College of Engineering
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No Official Text. Use of web resources such as tutorials, lecture notes and reviews such as Schaum's outlines.

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Brief List of Topics to be Covered

- State space versus frequency domain methods

- State space realization methods

- Linearization of nonlinear systems

- State transformations and canonical forms

- Introduction to pole assignment

- Solutions of state equations

- The matrix exponential and state transitions

- Transformations of state variables

- Controllability and observability

- Uncontrollable or/and unobservable systems

-  Stabilizability and detectability

- Observers in linear Systems

- Pole placement via linear feedback

- Reduced order observers

- The Separation Principle

- Compensators design using observers

- Stability and Lyapunov methods

- Robustness considerations

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