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Non-Ionizing Diagnostic Imaging (B M E 578) Syllabus
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Non-Ionizing Diagnostic Imaging
B M E 578 ( 3 Credits )
This is a graduate level core course covering the physics associated with magnetic resonance imaging and diagnostic ultrasound emphasizing techniques employed in medical diagnostic imaging. Major MRI topics include: physics of MR, pulse sequences, hardware, imaging techniques, artifacts, and spectroscopic localization. Ultrasound based topics covered include: propagation of ultrasonic waves in biological tissues, principles of ultrasonic measuring and imaging instrumentation, design and use of currentlyavailable tools for performance evaluation of diagnostic instrumentation, and biological effects of ultrasound. At the completion of this course, students should have an understanding of the technical and scientific details of modern non-ionizing medical magnetic resonance and ultrasound devices and their use in diagnosing disease.Medical Physics 573 ('Imaging in Medicine') isuseful but not a specific prerequisite.
Math 222, Physics 202
College: College of Engineering
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