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Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory (E C E 549) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Students will be able to create partial/full process flow for creating semiconductor devices starting from bare wafer using techniques typical for semiconductor manufacturing such as lithography, oxidation, chemical vapor deposition, dry/wet etching etc.
  • 2
    Students will understand operation and will be able to operate various tools used in semiconductor device fabrication such as spinners, mask aligner, furnace etc.
  • 3
    Students will be able to use mathematical models to calculate details related to manufacturing or characterization of semiconductor devices.
Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory
E C E 549 ( 3 Credits )
Monolithic integrated circuit fabrication; mask making, photolithography, oxidation, diffusion, junction evaluation, metallization, packaging, and testing.
ECE 548 or cons inst
College: College of Engineering
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Text book, title, author, and year
Silicon VLSI technology : fundamentals, practice and modeling, James D. Plummer, Michael Deal, Peter B. Griffin. (2000)
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Program Specific Student Outcomes
Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Crystal Growth, Wafer Fabrication and Basic Properties of Silicon wafers
  2. Semiconductor Manufacturing: Clean Rooms, Wafer Cleaning and Gettering
  3. Lithography
  4. Thermal Oxidation and Si/SiO2 Interface
  5. Dopant Diffusion
  6. Ion Implantation
  7. Thin Film Deposition
  8. Etching
  9. MOSFET Fabrication and Characterization
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