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Biomedical Engineering Design (B M E 402) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Test, evaluate, and refine the prototype developed in BME 400 in the client’s environment
  • 2
    Employ appropriate knowledge of biology, physiology, mathematics and experimental design in the testing and evaluation of the prototype
  • 3
    Function as an effective member of a team
  • 4
    Maintain an engineering notebook
  • 5
    Make effective oral platform and poster presentations
  • 6
    Practice appropriate ethical behavior
  • 7
    Produce a draft of a paper suitable for publication in a target journal including a discussion of the results and conclusions obtained from experiments with the device in its intended application
  • 8
    Educate K-12 students about engineering careers in an outreach activity
Biomedical Engineering Design
B M E 402 ( 1 Credits )
Students work in a team to evaluate, refine, document and orally present a client-centered biomedical engineering design completed in capstone design course.
BME 400, Sr st in biomed engr or cons inst
College: College of Engineering
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ABET Program Outcomes Associated with this Course
Program Specific Student Outcomes
(1) Understanding of biology and physiology as related to biomedical engineering needs.
(2) Ability to apply knowledge of advanced mathematics (including differential equations and statistics), sciences, and engineering to solve problems at the interface of engineering and biology and to model biological systems
(3) Ability to design and conduct experiments, including making measurements and interpreting experimental data from living systems and addressing the problems associated with the interaction between living systems and non-living materials and systems
Brief List of Topics to be Covered
In four-person teams, second-semester seniors test, evaluate,and documentthe capstone design project that they worked on on in the first semester of their senior year. Also students complete a K-12 outreach requirement.
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