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Circuits Laboratory II (E C E 271) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Measure the resonant frequency of a series resonant circuit (SRC), measure the voltages and currents of elements in an SRC as a function of frequency, show that the input impedance is at a minimum at the resonant frequency, and explain the relationship between circuit Q and bandwidth
  • 2
    Measure the magnitude and phase angle of voltages and currents in a circuit when a sinusoidal source is used
  • 3
    Determine the power factor of a given load, determine the appropriate value of capacitance to change the power factor to a given value, and design a circuit that will transfer maximum power to the load
  • 4
    Predict and experimentally verify the output voltage characteristics of various series and parallel diode circuits; convert an AC voltage to DC using a full-wave rectifier without capacitors, with capacitors, and with loads; measure ripple versus load resistance, explain the concept of load regulation; and measure actual capacitance of a capacitor whose nominal value is 500 uF or more
  • 5
    Classify the region a given BJT is operating in, measure the beta of a transistor, explain how temperature affects a transistor, and measure the overall current gain of a Darlington pair
  • 6
    Determine the output range of a given bridge amplifier circuit; determine the common-mode gains, differential-mode gains, and CMRR for a given differential amplifier circuit
Circuits Laboratory II
E C E 271 ( 1 Credits )
Experiments cover electronic device characteristics, limitations and applications of operational amplifiers, and feedback circuits.
ECE 270; ECE 340 or con reg
College: College of Engineering
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ECE 271 Lab Manual

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  1. Series and parallel resonance of inductance-capacitance circuits
  2. Iron-core transformers
  3. Operational amplifier circuits
  4. Rectification and capacitive filters
  5. Elementary common-emitter transistor amplifiers
  6. Power amplifiers with negative feedback
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