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Introductory Laboratory (E C E 170) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Determine whether an instrument's output is floating or grounded
  • 2
    Measure the resistance of the green ground wire between the prong of the plug and the instrument case
  • 3
    Measure resistance, DC voltage, and DC current
  • 4
    Take voltage and current readings at various points in a circuit
  • 5
    Identify the resistance of a resistor by reading the color code bands
  • 6
    Explain the operation and function of a potentiometer
  • 7
    Identify and verify voltage and current division configurations in a circuit
  • 8
    Measure circuit parameters to determine if they are linearly related and proportional
  • 9
    Apply the superposition theorem to circuit analysis
  • 10
    Calculate the uncertainty of a measurement due to the stated accuracy of an instrument and the implied precision of a reading
Introductory Laboratory
E C E 170 ( 1 Credits )
This lab provides students with hands-on experiences in using laboratory instrumentation such as oscilloscopes and various meters. It also provides basic safety information on using various electrical equipment.
Con reg in Physics 202
College: College of Engineering
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ECE 170 Lab Manual

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Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Measure DC voltage and DC current
  2. Kirchhoff's laws
  3. Thevenin equivelents
  4. Measurements with a multi-meter, scope, and signal generator.
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