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Electrodynamics II (E C E 320) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Ability to carry out design-related analysis of a electromagnetic systems and device;
  • 2
    Development of skills in technical quantitative engineering analysis for systems containing components whose behavior is governed by electrodynamics; e.g. transmission lines, anteneas, waveguides, etc.
  • 3
    Impart knowledge of fabrication, assembly, and cost of manufacture issues for systems containing components whose behavior is governed by electrodynamics
Electrodynamics II
E C E 320 ( 3 Credits )
Static and dynamic electromagnetic fields; forces and work in electromechanical systems; magnetic circuits; plane wave propagation; reflection of plane waves; generalized transmission line equations; current and voltage on transmission lines; impedance transformation and matching; Smith charts.
ECE 220; Math 319 or 320 or concurrent registration, or consent of instructor
College: College of Engineering
Instructor Name
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Course Coordinator
Text book, title, author, and year
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics; Ulaby; 1st edition; 2007
Supplemental Materials
Required / Elective / Selected Elective
EE-required, CMPE-selected elective
ABET Program Outcomes Associated with this Course
Program Specific Student Outcomes
Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Review
  2. Faraday's Law and induced emf
  3. Transformers
  4. Displacement Current
  5. Time-dependent Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic wave equations, phase velocity
  6. Time-harmonic wave problems, plane waves in lossless media, Poynting's vector and theorem
  7. Plane waves in lossy media
  8. Group velocity and dispersion
  9. Incidence of plane waves on interfaces between dissimilar media
  10. Transmission Lines with emphasis on transients and pulses
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