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Introduction to Solid State Electronics (E C E 235) Syllabus
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    Students will be able to design quantum well devices and understand basic physical concept in semiconductors, such as electrical transport and optical properties.
Introduction to Solid State Electronics
E C E 235 ( 3 Credits )
An introduction to the physical principles underlying solid-state electronic and photonic devices, including elements of quantum mechanics, crystal structure, semiconductor band theory, carrier statistics, and band diagrams. Offers examples of modern semiconductor structures.
Open to Fr. Math 222 & Physics 202
College: College of Engineering
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Modern Physics; P. A. Tipler and R. Llewellyn; 5; 2007
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EE required, CMPE elective
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Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1. Particles as waves: electron and neutron diffraction experiments, etc.
  2. Wavefunction description of a quantum particle; Heisenberg uncertainty principle
  3. Probability
  4. Schrödinger equation
  5. Time-independent Schrödinger equation; stationary states
  6. Free particle; infinite square well (1D-3D)
  7. Numerical (finite-difference) solution of the time-independent Schrödinger equation
  8. Potential barriers
  9. Semiconductor crystal structure; Miller indices for cubic crystals
  10. Bonds to bands; Electronic band structure and materials classification
  11. Effective mass, density of states
  12. Carrier statistics: Fermi-Dirac and Maxwell-Boltzmann
  13. Band diagrams for device considerations
  14. Semiconductor quantum wells (square)
  15. Bound and continuum states; density of states
  16. Examples of carriers in semiconductor quantum wells: quantum well lasers
  17. Resonant-tunneling diode (RTD)
  18. Quantum cascade lasers
  19. quantum dot semiconductor structures
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