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Medical Image Science: Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations (B M E 573) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    place the tools for the generation, processing, and interpretation of medical images on a firm conceptual and mathematical foundation.
  • 2
    understand both the deterministic aspects of linear imaging systems and the stochastic aspects of imaging and imaging systems.
Medical Image Science: Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations
B M E 573 ( 3 Credits )
The conceptual and mathematical foundations of medical imaging, including both deterministic and stochastic aspects.
1 yr each of undergrad physics & calc or cons inst
College: College of Engineering
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Text book, title, author, and year

Foundations of Image Science, Barrett, H.H., Myers, K.J., Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Interscience. 2005. (Textbook ownership is not required.)

Supplemental Materials
Extensive written notes located on course web page:
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ABET Program Outcomes Associated with this Course
Program Specific Student Outcomes
(2) Ability to apply knowledge of advanced mathematics (including differential equations and statistics), sciences, and engineering to solve problems at the interface of engineering and biology and to model biological systems
(3) Ability to design and conduct experiments, including making measurements and interpreting experimental data from living systems and addressing the problems associated with the interaction between living systems and non-living materials and systems
Brief List of Topics to be Covered

The only hardware required is a yellow pad and a pencil. The goal of the course is to make the student self-reliant in the mathematical representation and interpretation of physical phenomena.

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