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Biochemical Engineering (B M E 560) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    The vocabulary of biotechnology and biochemical engineering
  • 2
    The fundamentals of designing and evaluating biotech processes
  • 3
    How to critically evaluate primary literature related to biotechnology
Biochemical Engineering
B M E 560 ( 3 Credits )
Properties of biological molecules; enzyme kinetics, enzyme reactors, and enzyme engineering; metabolic engineering; microbial growth kinetics; bioreactor design; bioseparations.
CBE 310; CBE 320; Zoo 151 or 153; or consent of instructor
College: College of Engineering
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Text book, title, author, and year
Supplemental Materials
Shuler, M. and Fikret Kargi. Bioprocess engineering: basic concepts, 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall, 2002
Glazer, AN, Hiroshi Nikaido. Microbial biotechnology: fundamentals of applied microbiology, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2007
Blanch, H. and Clark. Biochemical Engineering. 1st Edition. Marcel Dekker, 1997
Ratledge, C. and Bjørn Kristiansen. Basic Biotechnology, 3rd Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Clark, D. and Nanette Pazdernik, Academic Cell: Biotechnology.
Required / Elective / Selected Elective
Selected Elective
ABET Program Outcomes Associated with this Course
Program Specific Student Outcomes
(1) Understanding of biology and physiology as related to biomedical engineering needs.
(2) Ability to apply knowledge of advanced mathematics (including differential equations and statistics), sciences, and engineering to solve problems at the interface of engineering and biology and to model biological systems.
Brief List of Topics to be Covered
Course overview and basic cell biology, Enzymes and enzyme kinetics, Enzyme inhibition and gene expression, Regulation and metabolism, Nutrients, yield coefficients, and cell growth, Growth models and bioreactor design, Bioreactor scale-up and synthetic biology, Advanced bioreactors, Transport in biochemical engineering, Downstream processing, Metabolic engineering, Digestion, Directed Evolution and natural product biosynthesis, Case Studies
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