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Circuits Laboratory I (E C E 270) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Measure voltages and currents to verify KVL and KCL, identify shorts and opens in a malfunctioning
  • 2
    Design and build an op amp voltage follower with specified gain and measure the output limiting saturating voltages, the input resistance, and the output resistance
  • 3
    Measure the capacitance of a capacitor, determine the time constant of a simple RC circuit, and design and construct a circuit with a specified time constant
  • 4
    Measure an rms voltage, measure current and voltage and explain what type of values are measured, measure average AC power dissipated by an R-L-C load, and verify that the individual magnitudes of AC currents do not sum to the measured total magnitudes for parallel loads
  • 5
    Measure the frequency response of a filter; plot a Bode Diagram; select the components for an R-C filter with a specified corner frequency, assemble the circuit, and measure the corner frequency
Circuits Laboratory I
E C E 270 ( 1 Credits )
Experiments cover Kirchhoff's laws, inductors, basic operational amplifier circuits, and frequency response.
ECE 170; ECE 230 or con reg
College: College of Engineering
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ECE 270 Lab Manual

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Brief List of Topics to be Covered
  1.     Basic circuit measurements
  2.     Short and open circuits
  3.     Assembly of operational amplifer circuits
  4.     Inductors and capacitors
  5.     AC measurements
  6.     Frequency response measurements
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