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Introductory Experience in Electrical Engineering (E C E 210) Syllabus
Course Learning Outcomes
    Course Learning Outcome
  • 1
    Use block diagrams to represent complete electrical systems that consists of electric circuits and other building block
  • 2
    Use simple ac and dc electric power circuits and regulators for providing housekeeping power for electrical systems
  • 3
    Use sensors to develop an analog electrical representation of physical signals such as position, motion, etc.
  • 4
    Identify and quantify analog electrical representation of physical signals in time domain and frequency domain forms
  • 5
    Represent electrical analog quantities in digital format for communications, computations and control as serial and parallel data streams
  • 6
    Visualize the e ects of sampling a ff nd quantization in data conversion
  • 7
    Perform simple logic functions on digital electric signals in a microcontroller
  • 8
    Use microcontrollers to perform signal computations using a computer program
  • 9
    Write, use and debug simple microcontroller programs to realize functional objectives in an electrical system
  • 10
    Use a serial wireless communication system to transmit and receive digital data through microcontroller interfaces
  • 11
    Measure and quantify electromagnetic radiation phenomena and patterns in a wireless communication system
  • 12
    Use USB computer based instruments such as a multimeter, function generator and oscilloscope to measure electrical variables such as voltage, current, frequency, power and resistance
  • 13
    Interpret symbols of electrical devices in an electrical circuit diagram
  • 14
    Use an electrical system to perform a function within its capabilities
  • 15
    Conduct a test to verify the operation of an electric system according to its functional objectives
  • 16
    Document experimental testing and results using narratives, pictures, charts and graphs
Introductory Experience in Electrical Engineering
E C E 210 ( 2 Credits )
An introduction to electrical and electronic devices, circuits and systems including software and hardware focusing on a real-world project.
Advanced math competence - algebra, trigonometry or suitable placement scores. Open to Freshmen
College: College of Engineering
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Charge, voltage, current, power, energy, resistors, capacitors, inductors, power supplies, power
converters, switches, LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits, binary signals, microcontrollers,
computer programs, analog signals, potentiometer, pushbuttons, pulse width modulation,
communications, wireless, protocol.
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